Staff spent a year (2014) with the Whole Being Institute, working with a diverse cohort of learners from around the world, studying with Professor Tal Ben Shahir from Harvard.   We took a deep dive into the world of Positive Psychology.  Our learning was extraordinary and has informed Barbara Healy Associate's values including organizational vision, leadership development and teamwork.  In terms of vision, organization is created twice.  First, when you describe what you are going to create and second, when you create it.  The “creative world” has known this for a long time.  World-class athletes have known it and now Neuroscience has confirmed it with scientific studies. 


The vision statement along with clear mission and values are not only compelling tools for organizational engagement; they are essential in strategy development and execution.  The vision describes the organization as it effectively carries out its mission.  It is aspirational and a vivid depiction of the state and function of the organization as it brings the “why” to life. It reflects hope and optimism.  It calls to you and is inspirational and achievable.  We work with the leadership of the organization to find its vision, mission and values through facilitated processes that include diverse perspectives.