It is essential that the organization continually understands its place in the market. There are many ways to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization.  Answering the following questions on an ongoing basis is important:

(1)  Are the products or service being successfully delivered?

(2)  Do the clients/customers feel satisfied?

(3) Is there strong leadership on the management team?  On the Board? 

(4) How does the marketplace or community view the organization? 

(5) Are the organizational processes effective and efficient? Are they continually being enhanced?  

(6) Does the organization effectively capture and manage information?

(7) Does the organization effectively use and stay current with technology?

(8) What is the organization’s comfort level with change?

(9) Are employees engaged?   

(10)  Is the product/service mix sustainable for the near term?  Is there a pipeline?

It is not enough to limit the process of answering these questions to the management team.  The process requires significant data and in many cases, validation from partners, customers and the community.

Barbara Healy Associates does this well.