How many times have we heard the consultant say what we need is some “thinking outside the box”?  There is clearly need for creativity and different ways of thinking in solving our strategic challenges but we need to be able to execute with our current capacities or be prepared to change the capacities to execute.  This is really a very important distinction and one that if not understood and dealt with can undermine the best strategy in the world.


When a strategy is developed it needs to be unpacked.  How are we going to do this?  Who will take the lead?  Do we have the information we need? Do we have the talent?  Do we have the space?  Can we be taken seriously in the market? And all importantly, does this new thinking or new strategy keep us consistent with our mission or vision?  Does this strategy align with our vision and values or does it take us in a new direction?  Too often we have seen “mission creep” and this can be a serious problem for an organization.  Barbara Healy Associates can guide this important work for you.