Over the past ten years nonprofits have been told that they have to shift their fundraising to on-line and we can’t tell you how many disappointed organizations we have seen with their results.  Vendors have knocked on nonprofit doors with promises of extraordinary results with their new wis-bang software.  We are hear to tell you that on-line fundraising is not a fundraising strategy. 


Being on line with a strong presence in social media, an easily searchable WEB site and Facebook Page, a simple donation processing capacity and a communication plan is however, a necessity for the Brand of the organization.  The famous advice “people don’t give the organizations people give to people” is as true today as it was before Al Gore invented the Internet.  The difference today is that people use the Internet for everything.  Maintaining relationships and giving to a nonprofit are not exceptions.


BHA can work with senior staff to think through Brand positioning and how to use blogs, social media posts, e-mail and chat to build relationships with existing donors and how to start relationships with potential new donors.  We have found that a strategy is not a panacea but it is a requirement.