Developing and growing leaders is essential for an organization's success. Many organizations only focus on building key leaders with no eye towards succession planning. Building a strong bench in this era of high employee turnover is essential in order to achieve the organization's goals.

Leadership Coaching Washington DC

Our consulting and coaching process draws on extensive research and addresses what can be done to ensure successful employee transitions into leadership and management roles for example. Research shows that employees who successfully transition into these roles can increase effectiveness, productivity and impact in their organization by 25-50%.  However, two-thirds of employees never make the transition successfully and continue to work as if they were still individual contributors. 

This process is intended for all leaders, formal and informal; new leaders who need to understand their new role, current leaders who need to learn how to more effectively delegate, coach, coordinate the work, expand their networks and develop their employees, and seasoned leaders who want to help their direct reports transition effectively.
Key topics include:

  • The leadership balance between task (getting the work done) and relationship (engaging the people).

  • The required psychological shift needed to be an effective manager and leader

  • The key accountabilities of an effective leader

  • The activities and tools that will help managers and leaders make a successful transition

  • Real time action planning for completing the transition

  • Consistent follow-up, assessment and support to ensure success