Jack Healy has been a leader in the non-profit field for over thirty years. He has worked with and developed countless Boards of Directors, managed and developed hundreds of people and raised over $400,000,000. His particular forte has been innovation and change management. Jack has transformed several organizations with traditional models to enterprises with cutting edge practices that dramatically improve people’s lives. With his long track record of success, Jack has worked with legislators, appointed and elected officials from state and local governments, corporate CEOs, the media, non-profit CEOs, labor leaders, community leaders, corporate and private foundations and a wide range of philanthropists. He is a champion of inclusion and transparency.

Jack has held a number of leadership positions on both coasts. In Boston he served as the CEO of Cambridge Community Services and The Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers where he negotiated with the Governor’s office and the state legislature. In San Francisco, he was responsible for decentralizing the United Way by opening five county offices resulting in double-digit campaign increases. In the Puget Sound region Jack changed the United Way of Snohomish County’s mission from fund raising to solving local community problems. In New Haven, CT, Jack led the United Way through a total transformation to become a widely recognized leader in the field of collective impact and community change. Formally educated with degrees in Business and Corporate and Political Communications, Jack is committed to life long learning. He has studied and is certified in Positive Psychology. He studied with Robert Bellah at Berkley and Peter Senge on Systems Thinking. He has had extensive training on Branding and has worked with Bain Consulting, McKinsey and IBM consulting on project teams. Jack and his wife, Barbara, have two grown sons, both of whom are successful entrepreneurs in the high tech field.

Jack Healy


1979 Logan Manor Drive, Reston VA 20190