For most organizations the lion’s share of their funding comes from grants and contracts.  For the most part grants come from two sources; private/community foundations or from government.   Grants from foundations are very different from grants from government. 


We like to think of a foundation grant as a partnership between the grant maker and the grantee.  If the foundation believes in the work the nonprofit is performing and it fits within their mission a partnership can be formed to the benefit of each organization.  Our experience with a wide variety of foundations suggests that relationships play a large role in foundation grant making.  There is a significant opportunity for Board involvement in forming relationships with foundations and BHA can work with the Board and senior staff on the development of strategies to to engage foundations with the organization’s mission.


The grant or increasingly, the contract from government is a different type of relationship.  In most cases the nonprofit is acting as a “vendor” performing a service or function for government and is responsible for compliance with wide ranging rules and regulations.  BHA can work with leadership to analyze the impact on talent and finances in pursuing further government support.  We can help the organization avoid mission creep and cost shifts that can destabilize the organization or validate an opportunity to advance the nonprofits impact.