EMPLOYEE: An engaged workforce is accomplished by creating an organizational culture that supports it's employees with their ability to give their best every day and to thrive in their role within the organization. Creating this culture is by no means easy and requires an unshakable commitment from management to care that their employees are initially engaged during on boarding  and remain that way throughout their tenure with the organization. 

Employees, especially today, in order to achieve job satisfaction want to fully understand how their role contributes to the mission of the organization. This requires job clarity, continuous feedback and an understanding of how decisions are made.

As multi generations with diverse values work together today every effort must be made to be inclusive of style and culture differences. Barbara Healy Associates is well known for guiding and supporting management to achieve these goals. We believe that in order for employees to thrive and be most productive, creating a culture that nurtures relationship building and having fun is also imperative.


BOARD: Any high performance nonprofit organization requires an engaged and fully invested Board of Directors.  We believe that this is an under appreciated requirement as for too many organizations have become too dependent on professional staff and have ignored the importance of the board.  We have worked with dozens of boards and have found that engaging a group of citizens to function as an engaged board requires a great deal of work and a rigorous and consistent effort on the part of both board and executive leadership.  The effort, however, can result in dramatic improvement in the organization’s capacity to achieve its mission.

We understand what board members need from the organization and what the organization needs from the board and we design a process that works to satisfy both sets of needs.  We focus on structure, expectations, role clarity, gratitude and communication.  As with all of our work with nonprofits we hold advancing the mission of the organization as the guidepost for how we measure success.