One thing most fundraisers learn very quickly is not to take a donor for grant it.  We remember back in the days of direct mail marketing when you could count on a donor continuing to support the organization for seven years.  In fact they used to say that a new donor had a seven-year shelf life.  That is far from the case today.  The number of nonprofits grows dramatically every year with thousands of new choices available to that donor your have just secured.  Add to that the increased marketing sophistication of the existing nonprofits and their ability to target your new donor rendering the shelf life concept to the same fate as the typewriter.


BHA has had extensive experience with retaining donors.  The key to maintaining donors is simple.  The organization needs to build a strategy around the donor’s needs.  In most cases the donor needs two things; (1) gratitude(2) engagement.   We will work with you on understanding segmentation, engagement and donor communication to provide the donor with the meaningful experience he/she expects from an organization he/she has voluntarily supported.  Our approach has dramatically decreased “churn” in a number of organizations.