Many corporations believe they have a responsibility as corporate citizens to give back to the community.  They also have a responsibility to their share holders or owners to be as profitable as possible.  These two competing motivations are usually at play when it comes too corporate giving.  Businesses want to “do good” and improve their communities but they also want to be known as a good corporate citizen.  While some companies are content with giving to good causes increasingly we are seeing corporate giving as a component of the “branding” strategy for the business.  Companies are looking for public relations opportunities, affinity with causes related to their industry and positive positioning within targeted populations or markets. 

BHA has years of experiences working with Corporate Relations Managers and understands their challenges.  We can work with the senior staff and Board to craft strategies for targeted companies that positions the organization as a desired partner to meet their corporate objectives.  Corporate dollars are an important part of a nonprofit’s fund raising mix because they can usually be structured as unrestricted gifts that can be used across the organization.  In addition, if the company’s needs are met there is a high likelihood the gift can be successfully  sought over and over.