Communication challenges are one of the most common issues faced by organizations and leaders today. 

Chances are you have heard comments like these.  “My organization has become a series of stovepipes with no communication happening across the organization.”  “People are not listening to each other and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”.  “Why don’t people talk up when they have an idea or if they don’t understand something”?  “I ask a simple question and I get the most complicated answer that never seems to get to the point”.  “I make a simple request and I hear about how upset this one or that one is going to be”. 

Unfortunately organizations are not spending enough time working on their communications and the result is having a major impact on employee engagement and organizational effectiveness.  The art and science of communication has advanced significantly over the last decade and organizations that dedicate themselves to improving communication are distinguishing themselves as high performing ones.

We have found that the “secret sauce” for improving communication is found with understanding different communication styles. Some people see the big picture, need to be all business and get to the bottom line as quickly as possible.  Others need to think “out loud” and be the life of the party.  Some people hate conflict and need to have everyone cared for.  And some people need to deal with facts and technical information.  In a typical team all or most of these style types are found and if the communication has evolved to the point where each member respects and understands the other, great things happen.  If however there is no understanding of the different communication styles then communication becomes a struggle with serious implications for the organization

Barbara Healy Associates has significant expertise in communications within organizations and individuals.  We have simple tools that identify the communication preferences of individuals.  With our consulting and coaching process teams will learn the basic communication styles and how different styles process information.  The team will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each of the styles and will begin to have insights into how different people could interpret the same information in dramatically different ways.  This learning clarifies the importance of “emotional intelligence” and the need to understand how the team member perceives information.

Many organizations have significant breakthroughs during the communication process and decide to continue working on communication improvement.  We have found that “coaching” for both leaders and the team greatly enhances improvement.  Barbara Healy Associates works with leaders to create a coaching culture that continually improves team emotional intelligence resulting in dramatically improved communication and team performance.