Business Coaching Washington DC

Coaching has emerged as the preferred “just in time” learning to help clients leverage the areas that have the greatest impact on desired results. It is a collaborative partnership between coach and client for the purpose of facilitating the client’s learning, enhancing performance and ultimately forwarding the organization’s learning while achieving identified business results.

Coaching typically helps clients improve in self-awareness and self-management with the use of learning through on-the-job actions.  Coaching can have a profound influence as it enables the client to make better decisions for themselves, their clients and their organizations while encouraging strategic thinking and proactively planning for the future.

The coaching process challenges and supports while inviting the client to take more risks for their development.   An executive coach serves as a client’s partner and champions the client’s development as a leader. A coach takes on a variety of roles including a trusted sounding board partner for new ideas and an advisor in the midst of real leadership dilemmas. 

The goals that are jointly identified by the coach and client are individual and may include, but  are not limited to the following: communicating more powerfully; listening deeper; being more focused and intentional; delivering clear expectations; inspiring and motivating others to high performance; driving for results; delegating more effectively; developing others; driving change; managing time more effectively; prioritizing; learning to make accountability a positive force in the workplace; giving and soliciting feedback; being a stronger public speaker; growing as a visionary; being more strategic in planning; running more effective meetings; and balancing work and life more effectively. 

Here are some benefits of executive coaching :

·       Perspective: a time set aside on a regular basis to step out of the weeds and see the forest.

·       Objectivity: a sounding board that understands the issues at your level, and as an outsider, has no vested interests.

·       Truth: someone who will be completely honest and help you to listen to alternative views.

·       Frameworks and insights: useful ideas, frameworks, and processes.

·       Motivation: personal deadlines to accomplish leadership objectives before the next scheduled coaching session.

A client explains the value of coaching…

“As a CEO, I’ve really come to appreciate the value of a confidential executive coach.

“I know I should be thinking “out of the box,” but sometimes I feel stuck in a rut. And there are times when I admit that I can’t see the forest for the trees.

“There are other times when I’ve got a vision and need help thinking through the details of how to translate it into reality.”