One question that we don’t often hear in strategy development work is “who is authorizing us to move in that direction?”.  We find this not only a provocative question but also a very practical one that cannot be ignored.  For many years the concept has been used in government that is seeking to make change.  The Kennedy School at Harvard has been using the concept for years and they have become champions of using a systematic approach for changing public policy.  The approach is just as effective with non-profits.  In the earlier section on threats and opportunities we discussed this briefly when we talked about presence and ripening an issue but the concept needs to be more fully developed, as it can be extremely effective.


So, who does authorize the organization to move in a new or different direction?  The answer is far from simple.  Barbara Healy Associates will facilitate a process that clarifies what people and organizations need to be engaged while bringing a strategy into a successful outcome.