Improving performance by building leaders and developing people


Facilitating transitions for organizations and employees


Maximizing results and building leadership across multi-generations




Our Mission:  We are a consulting practice focused on developing people and organizations and creating solutions. We believe that people are the key to the success of any organization. Companies that keep their employees functioning and engaged as high performers, achieve results.

We help our clients continuously improve and stay ahead of the trends, both for their current as well as their future employees.  We do this by working with our clients to put together a customized strategy and implementation plan that fits their specific needs.




WELCOME TO BARBARA HEALY ASSOCIATES! Our highly experienced Associate Partners focus on, and deliver solutions to today’s critical business and civic issues. We help you BUILD LEADERS and DEVELOP PEOPLE to their fullest potential. In helping people to achieve their career goals we help your organization grow and prosper.

As you are our customer, we strive to be your trusted partner through our core principles:


We work in partnership with you and bring our expertise to address your needs, together. We listen deeply and actively so that we can understand your challenges and your culture in a non intrusive way.


We offer insights and expertise that will enable you to implement a comprehensive set of action steps that will lead you toward achieving your organizational goals.  


We advise you and provide practical solutions and improvements that respond to your stated needs and improve your organization's performance and results through our unique set of organization development offerings.


We offer our services to you prior, during, and post project.  We believe in consulting that is sustainable by you rather than one-time events and plans that go on your shelves. We offer you both short term and long term strategies and implementations.


The best organizations today are driven by a variety of learning processes.  Institutional research consistently cites the development of a strong learning culture as a key barometer to an organization's health and vitality. We focus on coaching and educating you to build that kind of learning environment.

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Performance Management 2.0: Tools to an effective performance management process

More tools and information regarding the process described below will be discussed in Washington, D.C. at the upcoming October conference.

Performance management is an ongoing process where managers and employees work as partners to align individual performance and development with the business priorities and strategies of the organization. It is much more than just the performance appraisal form. 

Winning Strategies for Women Leaders - Access & Assumptions

It’s been more than 3 weeks since I presented at the Business Women's Forum in Hartford, CT. My coaching colleagues, Adrienne Milics, Executive Coach, and Dr. Lyne Desormeaux, SVP of Corporate Counseling Associates, joined me as we spoke to over 200 women about challenges and opportunities for women in the workplace today. We presented case studies. We heard from you, our participants, about your own situations.

Why don't we need good leaders during an economic downturn?

Isn't it ironic?  It's curious to me.  So many articles, books and leadership pundits write about the need for leaders to adapt quickly, that a leader's change capability is fundamental to success today.  And yet, we can't find the resources for development.

Welcome to Barbara Healy Associates

I am excited to officially launch my new website. Why?  Because I can help you increase your organization’s effectiveness and your ability to achieve results. Barbara Healy Associates develops people and creates solutions for you. We help you and/or your organization define and solve your own challenges and in this economy, there are no shortage of challenges.

Helping Managers and Leaders Cope

Most of us are slowly but surely getting used to working on unpredictable ground. The current economic situation is unprecedented.  Did you know that?  Of course you know that. How many articles, posts, or speeches start with basically the same sentence?  Ok, so we know it already.  What we want and need to know is how we can help our managers and leaders survive and add value to our organizations during these challenging times. If we are still working, most of us are left with small budgets and few resources, but goals that still must be accomplished.  Here are five tips to pass on to help managers and leaders cope.